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We’re obsessed with performance. We understand that you face unique challenges, so we custom tailor your management solution to meet your needs, eliminating any obstacles, keeping your bottom line where you want it to be.
SunRidge conducts a thorough assessment of each asset and prepares a custom, comprehensive, long-term management plan that reflects the dedication, focus, and commitment that constitute our business philosophy.
We employ innovative marketing strategies and proven techniques to position the assets in the marketplace, stabilizing and increasing market share. From guerrilla marketing to online reputation management, we do what it takes to protect, project, and successfully market your brand to your targeted community.
SunRidge is a one-stop shop for all of your property management needs—including a full slate of web and IT services. At your disposal is our dedicated IT department that offers web hosting, website development, and social media management to name a few. Plus, your assets will be offered the same reliability, integrity and security that SunRidge clients expect.
We believe that maximizing efficiency and budget performance is not at odds with providing superior customer service and value to residents. One way we ensure both is by utilizing a customized computer accounting system that offers immediate access to daily financial information and operational reports. This system links each asset to the corporate office through a secure, extensive network. SunRidge also provides accounting and reporting services to other real estate management organizations.
Our teams operate under a network of streamlined systems designed to assure consistency and a high level of performance. Our systems were designed to make sure that you always have an accurate outlook regarding your portfolio’s performance. No secrets, no surprises.
Your assets benefit from our signature preventive maintenance system and renovation management program. These comprehensive programs have a proven track record for maximizing efficiency and improving your bottom line.
Our in-house brokerage department allows us to meet our clients’ acquisition and disposition needs while exceeding their expectations with our unrivaled customer service.
More than a century’s worth of experience in real estate and property management among our top three executives is only one dimension of the support your company will receive as a client. Our management team offers their expertise in administration, budgeting, marketing, operations, accounting, maintenance and strategic development.
Due Diligence
We take responsibility seriously. Our Due Diligence services include market data research, asset positioning in the market place, extensive file audits and property inspections.
Our Construction Management services include proposal procurement services, where we compare apples to apples in project bids for the best results. We also focus on rehab management and unit upgrade management.
After working together for over 30 years, we’ve built a strong relationship with HUD. We are HUD certified to manage 221(d)(4), 223(a)(7) and 223(f) assets, and have managed over 100 HUD deals. Our team assists with replacement reserve accounts, paperwork, pre-REAC inspections and submittals, making the process easy for our clients.
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